About Rebound Fitness

Rebound shoes were originally developed for joggers, runners and athletes, to help reduce the impact associated with vigorous athletic activity.  Now, it has become one of the hottest fitness programs in the world!

Using rebound shoes has been proven to improve circulation, protect joints, prevent injuries associated with running, strengthen the heart, and burn up to 25% more calories than typical fitness programs.

KiXXz Cardio uses boots from both Bounce by Dianna Rojas and Kangoo Jumps

What Should I Expect?

I have classes for people of all ages and fitness levels. 


During each class, you will experience a warm up and cool down period. I will pause to review the basic steps before class starts and between songs as necessary.


Please note that this is a CARDIO workout. You will get your heart rate up, so you are encouraged to take as many breaks as necessary. Drink water and do the steps at your comfort level.


Most important of all - have FUN!

Do I Need My Own Boots?

We have boots for you to rent, but you are welcome to purchase your own boots by clicking the cart below.

Enter Discount Code Amy Willis for 15% off!!

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