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About Me


Positivity and fun!! Those are two words that describe my outlook on life.

My name is Amy. Married for almost 30 years, I am a mom to four fantastic adults. I started KiXXz Cardio in 2016 when I decided to become trained as a fitness instructor and life coach. I am passionate about being healthy physically, emotionally, relationally, and especially spiritually.

​I hold certifications in NETA Group Exercise, Kangoo Jumps, and Zumba Basic 1 and 2, and Zumba Gold.

The mission of KiXXz Cardio is to help you get back into shape and live in a state of wellness in all areas. A firm believer that God loves you and created you with purpose and beauty, my goal as a contractual fitness instructor is to get your body AND your heart back into shape.

KiXXz Cardio offers the following services: